Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scorpio ~ being so gifted

OCTOBER 21st~NOVEMBER 20th : Symbols for Scorpio is Scorpions, a ground-dwelling killer with a poisonous stings in its tail. Be careful with them (bahaya ker I nih? xder la biasa2 jer..he3)

In dangerous situations and in sudden crises, they remained cool and determined (cool?..btol..btol..btol.. actually sajer buat2 cool, padahal dh gubra giler tahap gaban). Representatives of this sign often become workaholics. (yeah....mmg rajin pun... seems hard to deny it...heheh) They drive themselves hard and usually drive others unmerciffuly. (xder la sampai force org lain sama...huhu) They despise weaknesses in themselves or in others. The worst fault is that they are too adaptable to the people with whom they come in contact. (btol la rasa... cpt sgt adapt... ssh la gini... abih kamceng ngn acik2 kedai mkn kt p.dalam tuh... nnti nk try mintk mkn free laks... wakaka)

In business and politics, they have clever ideas and best as advisor of others. They usually excel in settling other peoples' quarrels and bringing enemies together to shake hands (wah... boleh jdik pendamai PBB nih)

They have strong personal magnetism, many friends and many enemies. No other groups in other zodiacs, can challenge them in making friends and enemies... (aik musuh pn ramai... cpt ngaku sape musuh wa.... sng nk blacklist nnti)

Scorpio are complexs, deep, mysterious and difficult to figure out. They might appear calm and collected outwardly but lurking inside could be a seething emotional volcano waiting to burst out (yeah... nmpk jer cool tapi tggu masa jer nk volcano)

they have better chance of becoming geniuses than the native of other sign.. ( ker), they are pleasant to be with, thoughtful in conversation, dignified, courteous and they possess penetrating eyes which can make their shyer companions feel naked and defenseless before them... (penetrating eyes ker? xder la tgk sampai nk telan org...heheh).... being in Scorpio group is such being so gifted...mmm...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mengapa cinta semakin sukar dimiliki

bagaimana mau melewati indahnya fajar pagi,
andai kamu tidak pernah berani melewati pekat malam?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

~a friend in need is a friend in deed~

for me, a new friendship like an unripened fruits, it may become an orange or a lemon...
if we know how to treat friends well, then they will treat you well because we know dat 'what goes around will comes around'.... whatever talks, and acts will came back to us either good or bad...
u olls prcya tak bila ada sesetgh orang kata, kita x blh percaya pd
sesiapa pn? heheh...
but in my opinion, mana boleh macam tu..... when we didnt believe anyone, hidup pn mcm x happy sbb kita mestila nk share ngn member2 about our problems kan?
cuma kadang2 rasa gak macam, 'eh, leh percaya ker dgn dia ni?'... aku pernah gak rasa cam tu... dan kalau aku ada prob, I can't simply keep it as secret... selalu kalau ada problem,.. rasa nk bercerita tapi xtau nk story ngn saper .... I need a loyal n good listener but do not misunderstood aku percya semua kwn2 aku becoz bagi aku, everyone is a friends until they prove otherwise...
kalau dh terbukti dia mmg x leh dipercayai n was betrayed you before, so you can delete him from your true friends' list....

kawan2 ramai....yg boleh dipercayai pn ramai actually,... cuma sometimes, segan nk meluahkan problem dan apa2 yg terbuku dihati.... cerita skit2 tu blh la.... but kalau ada apa2 prob, to tell the whole story rasanya aku belum mampu....

kalau rasa masalah dh x tertanggung sgt, aku biasanya akan buat: love problem aku cerita dgn si A, friendship prob aku story ngn si B n family prob normally aku cerita ngn si C.... it's not due to unbelieve towards anyone, tapi ssb kesian gak kan nk story ngn member2, they olls pn ada prob diorg sndiri yg kita x tau...

takkan kita nk jadi kera sumbang kan? kemana-mana pn sorang jer... bukan org yg xnk kawan ngn kita tp kita yg x bg space and options to them to enter into our life...

and remember 1 things, a true friends will forever with u no matter what colour you are...masa time u oll sedih ker (mesti muka kaler merah), mood marah ker (muka kaler biru kot) ataupun u oll tgh happy (maybe in pink kaler...heheh)... they will always be with u..

actually a true friends like a siblings that God never give us...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~haRgaiLah aPa yG kiTa miLiki~

kita akan merasa kehilangan apabila sesuatu yg kita miliki hilang dari diri kita... betulkan? if we never faced with this lost, we never realized what its/he meant to us... so, hargailah apa yg kita miliki sekarang... sbab kita takkan selama-lamanya memiki apa yg kita ada...
it would be a blessing if a person could be blind or deaf for 2 days during his grown-up life... it would make them see and appreciate their ability to experience the sound of joy.... yer ,..paling tidak saat mendengar suara .... mmm... can't imagine how i appreciate what i had now...
try to imagine, during that time, we cant see our beloved people arround us... we cant hear their voice, tak boleh mendengar desiran ombak, birunya langit, terangnya matahari.... nak dengar muzik pun x leh, apatah lagi nak gi karaoke...heheh.... terasa pulak....
tentu dua hari tersebut hari yg cukup berat utk kita kan?.... if reduced to 2 hours pun ckp berat rasanya... kemewahan inilah yg kita lupa untuk syukuri.... KESEMPURNAAN..
kita sering mengeluh.... tttg apa2 yg kita tak ada, apa2 yg kita kekurangan, selalu membandingkan dgn kelebihan org lain ... padahal setiap org punya kelebihan masing2 yg kita tidak sedari .... padahal org2 sekeliling kita menggangap kekurangan yg kita rasa tu adalah suatu kelebihan yg org lain tidak miliki.... but we never realized it... so hargailah..

Friday, July 9, 2010

~rindu tercipta~

no overload job dis week...wah.... no tension, no headache', no pressure,...heheh... like I'm in heaven.... so peace, so lovely, so calm,....heheh... if things gonna be as smooth as dis week, argh.... what a happy life... what a happy world... heheh... no emo, no moody, no mood swing.... wow.... exactly like cinderella found her another half golden shoes, like snow white being kissed by her prince charming..hehe.. day dreaming btul...huhu..
think like heartless to resign and leave dis company... aku syg woo semua org dlm comp especially Lau & SKK..(wakaka.. mcm la diorg tu bestfriend aku laks)... dis comp taught me a lot bout friendship.. gave me experience in handling inner emotion n led me the way to lead... although it was only 7 month I wuz here but feel like 7 years... (heheh..tipu sgt... dont believe dis sentence ok..)
bos Kelvin, bos AsRa n bos Zurainie... scold me if I did anything wrong, critic me if I did mistake n blame me I if did something dat will make u angry... but be fair to me...praise me if I did something good, smile to me if I did a great job n grade me if I made something very well... (heheh...nak jgk org puji... cheh)...i need all the support n help that I can get thru u all...
million thanks becoz believed me a lot thru giving me responsibilities as well as believed da qualities in me.... (heheh...perasan).. thousand thanks coz tittled me top 5 staff.... (heheh... bagi org lain la pulak....) ...
dear oll my colleagues, I had my greatest time while working wit u olls... u olls gave full cooperation, easy to share problem, follow the 'gila-gila' idea aku ajak diorg gi picnic..., million thanks coz give me a shoulder to cry on and thousand thanks becoz being a good listener....
I hope, I can, I will survive for a long, long time......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

~gooDbye mY freNz~

listen little child

there will come a day

when u will be able

able to say

never mind the pain

for the aggravation

u know there's a better way

for you and me to be

look for the rainbow
in every storm

fly like an angel

heaven sent to me

goodbye my fren

and I know U're gone

U said U've gone
but I can still feel U're here
it's not the end

gotta keep it strong

before the pains turns into fear
so glad we made it

time will never change it

just a little girl

big imagination
never letting no one take it away

went into the world

what a revelation

we found there's a better way

for u and me

look for the every rainbow

find out the certains

gonna be there for u

u know it's time to say goodbye

we never dreamt you'd go

to find your own way

goodbye my fren

it's never be the end

time will never change it

viva forever
our friendship

Thursday, July 1, 2010


adaPtasi dR nOveL jajA diN nukiLaN noveliS kesuKaaN akU nooR suraYa

rupa2nya cinta telah membawa hatiku

terbuai-buai kesana kemari

tanpa berhenti dimana-mana lampu isyarat

kata orang 'luv is blind'... that premise was fluently at my tongue...until i meet I think I was blind becoz choose him, not others...

kata org... cinta itu meruntuhkan dinding rasa... actually I wont believe it until his eyes first look at me... bermula dari saat itu, aku rasa hati aku ni sdh sesat tiada jln pulang...

kata orang,..cinta yg paling agung adlh cinta laila kpd majnun..I was denied it...padaku saat ini, cinta yg paling agung adlh cinta aku pd dia.... (huh...x tau malu sungguh)

aku ingin jadi langit yg dilindungi awan

kisah aku ni actually crita biasa tp aku sengaja jadikan ia luar biasa...ia lah,..x ramai yg punya kisah mcm aku ni.. sbb aku yg terpaut pada dia.. so, for sure I like him more that he likes me....or actually he never likes me...(owh..sedihnye..) aku mmg suka ckp byk,...sbb tu lah dia x sukakan aku agaknya...dia baru sepatah ..aku dah lima patah...isk...overnya aku...

aku mengharapkan dialah awan yg melindungi langit

aku bknnya xde rupa...haha..puji diri sendiri plk.. bila bercinta selalu halfway jer...knapa yek? yg aku suka, x suka plk kt yg suka kt aku...aku x plk ada apa2 rasa dkt dia...sshnya jadi aku...ada yg mula bertanya pd my mom...'ank dara sulong tu x kawen lgi ke...?(kah3..aku la tu).....adik dia dh kawen dah'...huhu slh aku ke?...bkn x kesian pd aku harus kesiankn aku dulu bila dtg bab jodoh ni... aku sndiri yg akan pilih lelaki yg akan menemani aku seumur idop aku, dia yg akan menemani hari tua aku, aku yg akan lihat dia hari2, not my parents......

jatuh cinta membuat kita terbuai2

keseluruh alam

tanpa ingin berhenti dimana-mana perhentian..

iyer, jatuh cinta buat aku sering alpa dan lupa siapa, bila dan dimana aku berada... made me forgot to love myself kerana sibuk menganyam mimpi bersama dia....buat aku lupa mengintai pada yg lain, buat aku tak teringtkn utk memikirkan lamaran yg lain...huhu..

aku & dia bagaikan malam dan siang..

tidak mungkin lagi bertemu...

hanya sebuah fatamorgana

aku ni mmg pelikkan? cinta pada orang yg tak cintakan aku...syg pada org yg x prnh peduli kewujudan aku....suka pd orang yg pandang aku sblh mata pn tak... aku dan dia ibarat bulan dan matahari yg tidak akan sesekali accident dipaksi.. he3..tapi bukan sehari aku memahat cinta pada dia..bukan seminggu aku menenun angan-angan utk hidup bersamanya..bukan sekali hatiku terhiris pedih kerana cinta yg tak kesampain....huhu... but I am wishing dat;

everything has its bride and

bride of me is wishing to be him

I wish my dreams come true